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To give the best customer service

To motivate the attenders to reflect about how important it is to care about the good attendance of the external and internal client, in order to bring better results to the company, since attending well and being nice has been and will always be the competitive edge to retain customers.

Class hours:

16 hours/classes

Number of participants:

10 to 20 people

Expected results:

  • Better satisfaction from the external client;
  • Increase on the customer retention;
  • Personalization on the attendance according to the customer profile;
  • Competitive edge in the market and in the segments that it is in.

Course content:

  • Customer service concepts;
  • Understanding my business;
  • Setting goats to retain customers;
  • Types of Attendance;
  • Added value;
  • The four categories of customers and their influence;
  • The attendant profile – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude;
  • How to deal with hard customers;
  • The company focused on its “customers”;
  • The basic need and the inter-relationships;
  • Attitude and assertive behavior;
  • The profile of the different kinds of customers;
  • Communication – elements of the oral and bodily communication;
  • Attendance planning.