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Specialization About Variable Remuneration (PRS)

To teach the attendant how to develop and to implant the Profit and Results Sharing Plan. Besides, it intends to make the employers, employees and class representative aware about the new change and about the organizational culture, in order to offer a great partnership, which everybody earns with the PRS process. The PRS promotes a greater increasing, greater productivity and better distribution of profits and/or results.

Class hours:

16 hours

Number of participants:

06 to 16 people

Expected results:

  • Money award for achieved results;
  • No unnecessary expenses;
  • Productivity increase;
  • Corporate encouragement and motivation;
  • Commitment and sense of team.

Course content:

  • Profit and Results Shariing (PRS) as a Business Management tool;
  • What is the PRS (Profit and results sharing) and the Results Sharing Program (Programa de participação de resultados – PPR)?;
  • What is the Law 10.101?;
  • Having a communication channel = culture of dialogue;
  • Analysis of the law;
  • Hiring and firing during the agreed period;
  • Forms of negotiation;
  • How to make and validate a process;
  • Committee formation;
  • Fiscal advantage for the Entrepreneur and the Income Withholding tax
  • Methods of conflict resolution in case of a situation: Mediation and Arbitration;
  • Methods of measurement of the results;
  • Goals based on income/results;
  • Importance of Goals (maximum target and minimum target);
  • Frequency of payment;
  • Creation of factors/indicators/goals of the Profit Result Sharing and the Result Sharing Program;
  • Pivot table to verify the results and the evaluation (global/group/individual);
  • Implantation of the Result Sharing Program – STEP BY STEP;
  • Examples of companies that implanted the Profit Result Sharing and the Result Sharing Prgram in Brazil and around the world.