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Corporate Atmosphere Survey

It is a way to evaluate people´s satisfaction in the company. The workers need to answer to a questionnaire, which can be printed or digital. The workers name are not shown, they are anonymous. This questionnaire helps to identify and to analyze the opinions, attitudes and behavior of all the workers of the company about the things evaluated by the company, as: institutional image, salary policy, benefits, communication, sectorial and interpersonal integration, leadership style, decision making process, etc.

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Obtained results:

  • Global Feedback from all the workers;
  • Awareness of all the areas that have real problems;
  • Organizational Culture;
  • Open Communication channel;
  • Action plans for the departments;
  • Global Action Plan;
  • Mapping of the Improvement process.

The Corporate Atmosphere Survey aims to measure the level of satisfaction of the workers about the corporate atmosphere and the way people interact to each other. The organizations need to keep their workers very motivated, and then the motivation becomes one of the indicators of result.