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The counseling is the transference of the knowledge and the experience of a “counselor” in favor of an Organizational or Personal aim. It is essentially the search for knowledge used to benefit another person. Through specialized counseling, the counselor uses his/her “know how” to support, orientate and prepare the client about the usefulness of the new projects and methods to be implemented and implanted.

We offer to the organizations, different methods to manage people and to reward them. It aims to make the change process and the implantation of innovative HR systems easier.

The Organizational counseling is an interactive process between the Counselor and the Organization. The counselor is the external agent of changes in the company; he is responsible to help the businessperson, the professionals and the people to take decisions. However, the counselor is not the person who takes decisions, or who makes the changes, the changes will come with the implantation and the practice of the new organizational and personal methods.